Khutse and Mabuasehube 2017

Our visit to Khutse Game Reserve has been one of the best wildlife camping experiences. We arrived at the campsite late afternoon, and and set up camp at sunset. We were still busy pitching the screens around to protect us against predators just walking into the camp from behind us, when the lions started roaring not more than 20 meters from us. The vegetation around the camp was too high to see them, but the next moment a lioness came strolling down the driveway from the road into our campsite, reclining under the nearest big tree.

We downed tools and ran for the tents. The lions kept roaring through the night. We had hot cross buns for dinner. The next morning first thing we went searching for them and found the group of one adult male, two lionesses and two cubs within 50 meters from our campsite accross the road.


Lions cubs opposite the campsite
Lions across the road from our camp
Lions across the road from our campsite at Khutse
Lions near our Camp
Khutse ablutions
Camp with Cobus and Henriette at Khutse 4

Mabua Pan 3:

View from Mabua Pan 3
Road to Mabua
Road from Kang to Mabuasehube
Mabua Pan 3
Map showing Khutse and Mabua positions

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