Finalising all the last items on our to-do list for our East Africa trip

Almost there!

We have been planning and prepararing for months and some last minute details are still on the to-do list.

We will add photos and stories to this blog as often as possible. Being in the wilderness it will not be possible to post new stories every day due to limited internet, but we will do our best to share our trip with all our friends and families and all people interested in this trip.

The purpose of this trip report is:

  • to keep our friends and families up to date without having to send photos to everybody.
  • to provide up to date information to people searching for the latest info regarding a specific area or process of a similar trip – we searched for all information we could find to enable us to prepare for this trip and we are grateful for all the information we could gather from similar trip reports. Situations change and processes change and we would like to contribute in that regard.


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