Day 5 – 7: Kabula Lodge, Zambia


  • 76 km Katima Mulilo to Kabula Lodge via Sesheke town
  • 2189 km trip to date

The border crossing between Namibia and Zambia was surprisingly smooth and quick. The Namibian side took us 10 minutes in and out. Our decision to get 3rd party insurance, kwachas and the Carnet de Passage beforehand was excellent and the Zambian side took us 45 minutes in and out (including a wait of 10 minutes for the insurance guy to surface).

We went to Seheke town to buy a Zambia sim card and some fruit and vegetables from the street vendors before proceeding to Kabula.

Bridge over Zambesi near Sesheke
Airtel office opposite Pep stores in Sesheke
Sesheke street vendors

The road from Sesheke to Kabula really is beautiful – perfect tarred road that runs along the Zambesi with dotted thatch villages all over.

Kabula has nice shaded campsites with reed ablutions and some reed kitchen shelters.

Kabula Campsites

A deck is located at the waterfront with an honesty bar – you take drinks from the fridge and write in the book and pay when you leave.

Deck and bar
View from the deck

We specifically came to Kabula to try our hand at tiger fishing on the Zambesi and to rest before tackling the road to the national parks. The fishing is awesome in the sense that one travels on this wide calm river for kilometers and the tranquility and beautiful surroundings are so relaxing that it is an expedition not to be missed. Catching a tiger in the end is just a bonus. Huge crocodiles and hippos are in the river, and the hippos tend to chase the boat if coming too near, so the skipper is really careful in navigating the river.

Our skipper arriving in a mokoro
Kabula boat launch





Bucket list item of catching a tiger fish in the Zambesi ticked!!

Eric and his tiger fish
Where we are now…

Next: western Zambia to Liuwa Plains National Park via the Barotse flood plains….


    • Daai tiervis was 3 kg. Die grote voor hom het die swivel oopgebuig en weggekom. Seker 5 kg. Hy het daarna drie keer gespring om die rapala te probeer uitspoeg nadat die lyn reeds los was.


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