Day 65 – 69: Inhassoro to Giriyondo Border near Letaba


885 km Inhassoro to Giriyondo Border near Letaba

15 369 km trip to date

Goody Villas at Inhassoro is a nice beachfront camp. Shady campsite, excellent ablutions, a swimming pool and view with direct access to the beach. Here the ocean is still very flat with no waves due to Bazaruto island only a few km directly to the east. We stayed for two nights. An excellent restaurant was 100 meters south along the beach where we had giant prawns (as big as langoustines).

Goody Villas campsite

The fishermen were very busy on the beach and we watched them bringing in nets filled with fish – all fish are taken home, irrespective of size and species.

Inhassoro catch of the day
Inhassoro catch of the day

Going south the condition of the N1 changed radically from the Vilanculos turn-off. A perfect tarred road with shoulders all the way towards Maputo. Near Inhambane the coconut palm plantations lined the road and lots of trucks were loading coconuts along the road to take to the factories.

Coconut palm plantations

The amount of wood and charcoal sold along the road is alarming – how many trees will be left in this country a decade from now?

Wood for sale

In Masinga we visited Shoprite to stock up on some necessities, and experienced the wonder of using a map in a foreign town – the map tells you where to go, but not how it looks like. We turned off the main road to a side road where the Shoprite is located and followed the map onwards to return to the main road. Suddenly we were in a very narrow alley lined with market stalls and a car approaching from ahead – the alley was almost not wide enough for us towards the end near the main road. Had to reverse until there was enough room for the other vehicle to squeeze by.

Massinga alley

We continued south to Chidenguele, a town 70 km north of Xai Xai where we stayed at Sunset Beach Lodge for another two nights. The campsites have no view to the ocean, but was nice with every campsite having it’s own ablutions and electricity points. The ocean has big waves and resembles the KZN north coast beaches. Definitely a summer holiday destination for the beach loving crowds, as the chalets overlook the ocean and one can swim and fish there.

Beach at Sunset Beach Lodge
Beach at Sunset Beach Lodge
Campsites at Sunset Beach Lodge

We had the biggest and tastiest grilled crayfish there at R200 per portion and the menu is extensive regarding seafood and pizza.

One portion of crayfish

As we missed Gorongoza NP, we decided to go home via the Limpopo NP (Kruger Transfrontier Park) and the Massingir dam towards the Giriyondo border post near Letaba.

Chokwe town
Farming in the Limpopo floodplains
View across Limpopo floodplains
Limpopo river near Chokwe
Village near Chokwe
Massingir dam view from dam wall
Olifants river from Massingir dam wall

To use the border through the Kruger Park, one has to overnight in either Limpopo NP or Kruger NP. We camped at Aguia Pesqueira in the Limpopo NP overlooking the Massingir dam. Beautiful setting on an escarpment above the dam.

Aguia Pesquiera campsite view 
Massingir sunset from campsite

The drive though the Limpopo NP was mainly through mopanie forest and we did not see much wildlife. Fresh still wet elephant dung, one herd each of impala, zebra and wildebeest.

The border crossing was a breeze. Through Moz side Limpopo NP office, Moz immigrations and customs, RSA immigration and customs as well as Kruger NP office in less than 30 minutes in total.

Where we are now…


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