Day 51 – 60: Caprivi to Sossusvlei & Luderitz

Distance travelled from home: 10 978 km

From Divundu we travelled to Windhoek via Rundu and camped at Roy’s Camp some 60 km north of Grootfontein.

A very nice stopover on a game farm where we had Damara Dik-diks in the campsite.

Damara Dik-dik: A tiny antelope restricted to northern Namibia and south-western Angola – adult 4.5 kg and 38cm high. We have only seen them near Namutoni.

The next overnight camp was at Otjiva game farm between Otjiwarongo and Okahandja. A huge upmarket game farm with lots of water after the recent rains and lots of game. The campsites are nice with some views onto the waterhole that was visited by warthog, lots of impala, springbuck and njala.

Then on to Windhoek where we enjoyed the company of our family.

From Windhoek towards Sossusvlei we took the C26 towards the desert and the route was incredible across the Spreetshoogte Pass. What a view towards the west!

This pass is not for towing or trucks due to the very steep inclines and declines and hairpin bends.

Spreetshoogte Pass


At Sesriem we camped at Sossus Oasis. Private ablutions with dish washing area, solar shower and electricity. A reed roof shelter. Very comfortable.

The recent rains have changed the whole landscape into beautiful grassy plains and some greenery. The scenery is incredible. The Tsauchab river flooded parts of the road to Sossusvlei and dried mud is visible right along the tarred road.

And the pan still has water!!

Dead vlei
Sesriem canyon from the parking area
Water in the canyon
Cape Fox waiting for food next to our braai

The whole area was incredibly beautiful. It was absolutely the best year to visit this area. We have never experienced it this beautiful, and we have visited the area many times.

Towards Luderitz

From Sossusvlei we drove along the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Again the landscape is breathtaking after the rains.

We camped at Namtib Biosphere Reserve which has a view to the desert in the west and is surrounded by the Tiras mountains. Large clumps of ancient camel thorn trees against the mountains and in the valley.

Namtib campsite

From Namtib to Aus the Namib Naukluft Park is also grassy with large gemsbok herds grazing along the road. Beautiful! Even that far south the effect of the rains can be seen.

The wild horses of Garub

We have visited Luderitz many times through the years, but were fortunate to see the famous wild horses only once many years ago – only three or four horses quite a distance away from the road.

This time we promised ourselves more opportunities to find them by camping at Klein Aus Vista – only 20 km from the Garub waterhole.

Before checking in at the campsite we drove past to Garub.

The wild horses of the Namib were abundant at the waterhole. We counted 57 of them around us. They did not appear that wild, as they sniffed our vehicle, one tried to bite the tyres and others scratched their heads against the side mirrors.

The next morning on the way ro Luderitz: not a single horse anywhere.

And when we returned from Luderitz: one horse along the road a few km past Garub, but not a single horse near Garub.

Klein Aus Vista campsites


We went to Luderitz for a day trip (camping at Klein Aus Vista again). The camping options in Luderitz are non-existent. NWR Shark Island is closed for renovation. The only campsite is Diaz Point Sheltered Campsites outside the town at Diaz Point – sheltered as in shelters where one can pitch a ground tent in an old reed or stone or fishing boat enclosure, but not sheltered for rooftop tents, as Luderitz is always windy and cold.

The road to Luderitz was bare desert as always. And beautiful in it’s simplicity. The colours of the sand, the pinks and blues of the far-away mountains, shadows, little bushes here and there, gemsbok and springbuck grazing….

We forgot how desolate and rocky the landscape around Luderitz is. We drove around the peninsula, visiting all the bays and fjords.

And enjoyed one of the best seafood platters ever at ‘The Portuguese Fisherman’. The owner told us that he allows overlanders to camp in the restaurant yard at no charge, with access to ablutions.

Grosse Bucht
Diaz Point
Goerke Haus
10 km from Luderitz
Route log – Sossusvlei to Luderitz

Next: To Keetmanshoop for the family visit, then homeward….


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