Normal documents required such as passports, South Afican driver’s licence (valid in East Africa), yellow fever certificate (compulsory for entry into Zambia), vehicle registration papers, etc will be taken with on this trip.

The advice on the internet is to have several copies of these documents certified and when stopped at a road block, produce a certified copy rather than the original. Some officials at border posts will also want to keep copies of the vehicle registration papers when 3rd party and temporary import permits are obtained.

Given all the information required from trip reports on the internet regarding a trip to East Africa, we decided to acquire a COMESA yellow card as an extension for third party insurance into the COMESA countries as well as a Carnet de Passage for the vehicle ( compulsory for entry into Kenya). With a Carnet no temporary import permit is required for the vehicle and we foresee that it will ease border post processes in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi.

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