Medical precautions are expensive. We took the following vaccinations for the planned trip to Tanzania:

  • yellow fever – compulsory
  • hepatitus A & B (Twinrix)
  • typhoid

Medication specifically bought for this trip:

  • Malaria prophylaxis
  • malaria test kits
  • Coartem for treatment of malaria until we can reach a clinic
  • Praziquantel for bilharzia
  • Doxicycline for tick fever
  • Augmentin ( broad spectrum antibiotics) for anything from upper respiratory to urinal tract infections, cellulitis, etc.

Normal medicine bag with all and sundry:

  • bandages, plasters, etc
  • anticeptics
  • ointments for insect bites & small cuts
  • paraffin gauze & Bactroban for burns
  • antihistamines & Prednisone for allergic reactions
  • pain killers
  • diarrhoea & stomach cramp remedies

Precautions against mosquitos and tsetse flies:

  • pyrethroid concentrate with spray bottle to spray inside of tent before going to bed
  • Tabbard & Peaceful Sleep sticks (33+%DEET) – DEET% in lotions and aerosols too weak
  • mosquito coils and citronella candles to burn under the awning at night

Tsetse flies are abundant in the eastern African parks ( they love blue clothing and hate permithrin/pyrethroid).

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