We have been doing research for the trip to Tanzania for months. The most pressing questions were:

  • border posts and documents to take with
  • availability of fuel
  • where to camp
  • where to buy food and water
  • typical illnesses in Africa – medicine to take with, precautions re malaria, bilharzia, drinking water
  • break-down of vehicle – vehicle spare parts, recovery
  • road conditions and travelling time
  • currencies
  • typical instances of bribery and corruption
  • offline maps

The internet has a vast pool of information in the form of forums and blogs. We have been searching extensively and have found valuable information. We have read the following blogs and would like to thank these people for sharing the information:

Maps downloaded on our ipads for offline use:

  • iOverlander

Garmin Novi Smartdrive 50 loaded with Tracks4Africa

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