Our safari vehicle is a 2010 model 4.2 liter Toyota Land Cruiser station wagon. We bought it new and have mainly used it for short stay safaris. For holidays where we camp for more than a few days, we travel with our Hilux and Echo6 offroad trailer.

The Cruiser has done 80 000 km and is in a mint condition. We have added accessories as and when needed since we acquired it.

Modifications done for previous trips by Malelane Toyota and later Malelane 4×4 fitment centre:

  • old man emu heavy duty suspension
  • front bumper replaced
  • dual battery system
  • 80 liter fuel tank replaced with 160 liter tank
  • roof rack – Frontrunner
  • rooftop tent (t-top with an optional add-a-room as dressing room, ladder entry inside the tent) – Echo 4×4
  • drawer system with top gliders for fridge and ammo boxes – African Outback
  • National Luna 52 liter Weekender Freezer
  • Waeco console fridge between front seats – Big country 4×4
  • visor shelf for all the small items lying around – Big country 4×4
  • rear side windows replaced with gullwings – Big country 4×4
  • ostrich wing 270 degrees awning – Big country 4×4


The passenger side gullwing is fitted with all the cutlery, crockery, pots, kettle, etc and the other side is used to store the larger kitchen items such as collapsible wash basins, larger utensils, gas burner, etc. We found that recovery gear is much too heavy for these gullwing boxes, and is stored on the floor behind the front seat.


After the previous trips Eric wanted to do something about the organizing of clothing bags, jackets, shoes, cameras, etc lying around in the vehicle while camping – very frustrating to remove everything to get into a box at the bottom.

Slow donkey had the perfect solution in his notes – same vehicle fitted with boxes for clothes and all the loose items.

We built our own boxes after taking out the back seat temporarily. The boxes are similar towards the two doors, with a secured section in the middle.

Other modifications for the upcoming Tanzania trip:

  • 40 liter upright water tank between drawer system and box – Frontrunner
  • flexible 120W solar panel on roof rack – 4×4 Direct
  • Racor inline water trap fitted

Further preparations with regards to the vehicle

  • 80 000 major service done during the past month. To mitigate possible technical problems, we gave special attention to wheel bearings, belts, break pads, suspension system.
  • recovery kit will be taken along

Spare parts to be taken with:

  • Bushes for shocks
  • Fuses
  • diesel filter, oil filter
  • aircon belt, alternator belt, fan belts


  • cable ties
  • various bolts & nuts
  • insulation tape
  • rubber tape
  • etc

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